Popular strategies in sports betting

Popular strategies in sports betting
2 enero, 2020 Javier

Popular sports betting strategies include simple and understandable betting algorithms or systems that multiply the player’s (better’s) finances (Bank). Professionals usually combine sports betting with strategies and tactics that «extend the life» of a Deposit in «waiting for concrete».

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Newcomers often ignore financial betting strategies in the hope of finding 100% outcome prediction method or site, that will help them to win all the time, constantly coming true forecasts. In fact, this is a waste of time – sports are unpredictable, and even the best clubs can draw or show the fans a boring match, without scoring chances-at the crucial moment of the tournament.

However, beginners should not be upset: betting makes it possible to find win-win sports betting strategies and profitable tactics that work even in conditions of low player awareness.

Best strategies for sports betting

Among the strategies of sports betting, the most secure, guaranteed win, is considered to be the tactic of searching for «forks». This is the selection of coefficients from different brokers for the same match, allowing you to earn in any of its outcomes.

The betterer is helped in this by a number of different services that compare all available betting odds (caps) for losing and winning teams, along lines from different bookmakers (Buks). Any beginner can calculate such arbitrage earnings, so this is the best sports betting strategy with which to start getting acquainted with betting.

A coefficient larger than a deuce for both outcomes guarantees the better a return of the bet money in any outcome and will earn the top. The number after the decimal point determines the amount of earnings on top of the invested percentage, for example, 2.15% is 15% of net profit (exhaust).

Forks are the best sports betting strategy, but professionals avoid it because of low earnings and the negative attitude of bookmakers. The company tries to synchronize the coefficients or dramatically change their dimension when accepting bets in order to «catch the forks» who have already made a bet on one of the outcomes. Also, Buks actively enter arbitrageurs in the «black list», limit the maximum bet size, and» cut » the winnings.

Another best sports betting strategy is called «Total». The player must place a bet with the bookmaker to a higher or lower number of scored goals, abandoned goals, washers, etc. Number or account depends on the type of sport, e.g. football match common line bookmaker – 2.5 goals at bat can choose the outcome «over» or «under» the bar (top or bottom).

The fractional amount is explained by the reluctance of the office to give back bets to players. For example, if the total is more than 3, three goals scored will lead to such a return. The bookmaker claims that the figure of 2.5 is chosen statistically, with this result most matches end, but the betterer can bet total 1 or on the outcome of the account of only one of the teams.

The strategy is popular among beginners and professionals, and the number of wins on it determines personal knowledge of statistics and the current state of the team. Handicappers, who are professionally versed in their sport, use a more profitable and therefore better strategy for betting on sports on an accurate score.

With total, the bookmaker lowers the stakes when it comes to playing favorites, but trying to guess the exact score will get a high coefficient in any office. The size of the cap determines the popularity of this strategy, which can be predicted with sufficient accuracy when certain factors come together. The success of the bet depends only on the knowledge of the betterer, so this tactic is not recommended for beginners.

Having knowledge or having reliable forecasts does not guarantee the «bet» of bets, both on the total and the exact account, so the better must learn to keep the Bank from «draining» the Deposit. The best sports betting strategy for planning and distributing the Deposit correctly is called flat.

It is suitable for beginners who are just beginning to try their hand at predicting outcomes, helping to link the scaling of the bet size to the growth of professionalism. The essence of the flat is to determine a constant percentage of risk from the size of the Bank, usually 1-2%.

The betterer makes bets on this value for a month or two, then sums up the results. The amount in the Bank is again taken for 100%, as well as the risk-1-2%. In nominal terms (money), the bet amount will increase during the winning month or decrease if the player has merged part of the pot.

Professional cappers use a different type of financial strategy-Martingale or «Dogon», which allows you to effectively win back losses on» not reached » bets. This is the best strategy for betting on sports, given the frequent appearance of wine series, forecasts of vernyakov and other, proving professionalism, signs of a handicapper.

After a” failed » bet, the better raises by 50% -100% each subsequent bet until the call covers the loss. In this case, the bids are returned to the usual size.

Live betting strategy during the match»

The live betting strategy is the most profitable of the above strategies if the player is emotionally stable, collected, and knowledgeable. Bookmakers constantly react to the course of a match with a quick change of odds, which allows you to use the best sports betting strategies.

A frequently used tactic on live is to bet on the favorite who conceded a goal at the beginning of the match. If we consider it as an example of football, it works in 80% of cases when there are obviously strong and weak teams. A missed ball causes the BUCs to lower their caps, while the match favourites mobilize to win back and «score with a margin», punishing and demoralizing the opponent.

Also effective is the system of betting on the total by the end of the match, the alignment of which requires a mandatory goal from one of the teams. The probability of such an event increases with the beginning of substitutions that strengthen the favorite’s attack. This strategy can be alternated with a bet on a draw, provided that the current account is unequal or forks, if the better monitors several bookmakers «sitting on the same live».

Does it make sense to use paid sports betting strategies?

A beginner should understand that handicappers who know the real art of forecasting will not «merge» proven sports betting strategies. The proposed types of sports betting strategies for money are mastered during the year by a novice better who is interested in the chosen sport for earning money.

Do not waste time on the proposed (non-existent) secret sports betting strategies, it is much more effective to enlist the tactics described above at the start, combining them with the financial control of the Bank. This will help the novice betterer learn forecasts and earn real money at the same time.

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